CBSE Std 8 English -Refund question-answer



  • Question-answer

1) What does Wasserkopf want from the school?

Ans – Wasserkopf wants his tuition fees back from school.

2) Why does Wasserkopf want his money back?

Ans – Wasserkopf believes that he didn’t get his money’s worth and he didn’t learn anything. so he wants his money back.

3) Why does Wasserkopf want to take another examination?

Ans – Wasserkopf wants to take another examination to prove that he didn’t learn anything in he gets his money back.

4) What does the Physics teacher say about student losing knowledge?

Ans – The Physics teacher says about student losing knowledge that the law of the conservation of energy proves that any given learner will lose as much knowledge as a teacher can drill into his head after some period of time.

5) Who is the mastermind behind the plan to outsmart Wasserkopf? How is the plan implemented?

Ans – The Mathematics Master is the mastermind behind the plan to outsmart Wasserkopf. The teachers ask an easy questions and agree beforehand that whatever answers of Wasserkopf are,they all are correct. By keeping this in mind,the plan is implemented.

6) Why does Wasserkopf want to fail in examination?

Ans – Wasserkopf wants to fail in examination to prove that he didn’t learn anything in he gets his money back.

7) What do the teachers and the principal do to make sure that Wasserkopf doesn’t fail?

Ans – The teachers don’t ask any difficult questions to make sure he doesn’t fail. They agree beforehand that whatever Wasserkopf’s answers are,they are correct.

8) How does the Mathematics Master trap Wasserkopf?

Ans – The mathematics master will ask 1 easy question and 1 hard. he asks an easy one and accept that Wasserkopf cannot pass the examination. So he tells him that we want to refund your money,how much do we owe you,Wasserkopf ? which was hard question.After calculation he gives correct grand total .Thus he passes unfortunately and trapped by the Mathematics master.

9) What is the final judgement passed on Wasserkopf by his principal and teachers?

Ans – Every teacher certifies that he answers correctly to all questions and Principal declares that Wasserkopf has passed with distinction in every subject and again shown that he is entitled to the certificate of graduation.

10) Which questions does Wasserkopf answer incorrectly?

  • How long did the Thirty Years’ war last?
  • Do clocks in church steeples really become smaller as you walk away from them or its appear smaller because of an optical illusion?
  • What city of the same name is the capital of the German province of Brunswick?
  • If we present the speed of light by x and distance of star Sirius from the sun by y,what is the circumference of 109 sided regular polyhedron….?

11) How does the History teacher prove that the answer given by Wasserkopf is correct?

Ans – The History teacher says that actual warfare took place only during half of each day so 30 years become 15. For warriors 3 hours needed to eat-reducing 15 to 12 hours. we deduct hours for noonday napping,n0n-warlike activities, and other activities then we have left only the time which Wasserkopf answers. Thus he proves that Wasserkopf is correct.

12) Which question does Wasserkopf answer correctly?

Ans – The question which is correctly answer by Wasserkopf is “how much do we owe you ,Herr Wasserkopf”  asked by the Mathematics Master.

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