Jumbled sentence – sentence reordering

What is jumbled sentence or sentence reordering?

Words or phrases are given in random order which doesn’t make sense. We have to rearrange in such a way that it makes meaningful sentence. E.g. race/slow/wins/steady/the/and Ans. Steady an slow wins race.

Rules to rearrange the words/phrases
  • It must have meaningful sentence.
  • Remember to use punctuation whenever necessary.
  • Some have more than 1 sentence. All are valid. E.g. rarefied/the/there/air/is ans. There the air is rarefied. or The air there is rarefied. or The air is rarefied there.
  • First letter must be capital.
  • It must have sense. E.g. is/possible/everything. Ans. Everything is possible. (‘Possible is everything.’ doesn’t make sense )


Questions :
  1. (a) join college/decided to/at the/I/thirty-five/age of
    (b) worried/to work/about/my ability/not/I was
    (c) confused teenager/not a/grown-up/was a/woman and/I
    (d) I realised/than me/the teenagers/very soon/that/better/were
  2. (a) had all their/bright condition/they still/classroom skills in
    (b) they/gone/have/to/match/a/see
    (c) real mother/suffering found/the love and affection/the sick and the/in Mother Teresa/of a
    (d) that it/its knowledge/of our civilisation/does not know/with/the great defect/is/what to do
  3. (a) watching TV/while you are/the following ways/the American Council/suggests/to exercise
    (b) the remote/the channel/to change/get up/from the couch/instead of using
    (c) the room during/walk up/the stairs/or around/and down/commercial breaks
    (d) a treadmilL/use/you watch/while/you can/TV
  4. (a) Linda/London/go/will/tomorrow/after/day/to
    (b) rarefied/the/there/is/air
    (d) common/for/or two/breathlessness/is/a day
  5. (a) emotional state/anger/accompanied/changes/is an/biological/ by
    (b) disability/common/congenital/a/it is/physical
    (c) Shafique’s foot/twisted inward/have/would
    (d) every/entire/is/the/cosmos/changing/moment
  6. (a) something positive/anger/can/be/by focusing/suppressed/on
    (b) Shrifan/killed/Maoists/by/was/train/the/in/the
    (c) one/of our time/of the/Mother Teresa/is/missionaries/greatest
    (d) feelings of/deserted by everybody/those who were/she cared for/unwanted/the/uncared for/and
  7. (a) for example/for long/it is not easy/to any one person/ to listen
    (b) conversation/only a/in company/to take/try/of the/fair share
    (c) keep quiet/to say something/when/a little/you have said/and give/a chance/your friend
    (d) resistance band/while watching/use a/television
  8. (a) those who/in life/get glory/only/work hard/and success
    (b) effort/great/without/nothing/achieved/can be
    (c) worked hard/never come out/unless he has/throughout the year/a student/can/with flying colours                                                                                                                                                                                             (d)  service/the/of mankind/God/the service/of/is    
  9. (a) does not/to mankind/there is/the ideal of/not a single religion/service/which/preach
    (b) in his poem/that God loves/love their fellowmen/the famous poet Leigh Hunt/the idea/those who/is rightly brought/Abou Ben Adhem/out by
    (c) like small children/given us/yet we/fir for/science has/Gods/powers/use them
    (d) manage/machines/we/how to/don’t know/our
  10. (a) the body/fasting/removes/from/also/poison
    (b) four hours/the fast/liquids/during/every/take
    (c) the fast/grapes/is recommended/and oranges/during/juice of lemons
    (d) the leisure hours/of a child/of the TV/today/are spent/in front
  11. (a) of most/nowadays/the attitude/parents is/different
    (b) work and play/different things/they see/as two
    (c) thirst-quenchers/one of the best/watermelon/in summer/is
    (d) cultivated /96 countries/it is/around/in the world/in
  12. (a) is heard/is dialed/when/the dial tone/required/the/number
    (b) at/end/picked up/the receiver/is/the/other
    (c) go/as/can/the/conversation/long/as one likes/on for
    (d) grown/about 5000 years/first/ago/it was/in Africa
  13. (a) Kali/Ram’s/prayers/sincere/heard/mother
    (b) she/before/him/in/appeared/glory/all her
    (c) was filled/he/when/saw her/he/with amazement
    (d) race/slow/wins/steady/the/and
  14. (a) in rural areas/is/employment opportunities/there/of/lack
    (b) come to cities/in/people/so/of work/search
    (c) appalling conditions/cities/they/in/live/in
    (d) other amenities/they/running water/and/sanitation/proper/lack
  15. (a) that/used/he said/in his childhood/to be celebrated/his birthday/differently
    (b) distribute sweets/instead of/they/cutting a cake/used to
    (c) blow out/but/used to/they/we/candles/light a lamp
    (d) are killed/accidents/daily/ in/road/many people             
  16. (a) communication/not matter/was slow/it did/between different/when the/parts of the world
    (b) for a/people/felt/our times/the need/in/common language
    (c) unconnected with/creation of/the first solution/an/artificial language/was the/any existing language
    (d) a great rush/there is/in the/or the road/morning time
  17. (a) not/children/below/of/the age/must/drive/eighteen years
    (b) protection/our/we/must/helmets/own/wear/for
    (c) phones/must/used/not/mobile/be/driving/while
    (d) traffic police/making/efforts/is/to increase/on the roads/safety
  18. (a) an antidote/and pain/it is/to stress
    (b) for toning/a good exercise/up/it is/facial muscles
    (c) are stabilised/is improved/body functions/and blood circulation
    (d) makes one/of friends/feel good/in making/a lot/laughter/and helps
  19. (a) it / sparsely populated /a/ is / in Uttarakhand/town
    (b) an average / has / litericey rate /it/77% / of
    (c) Devprayag /pandas / Badrinath Dham / the / is / seat of
    (d) Alaknanda / confluence/ town lies / at the confluence / the / and Bhagirathi / rivers/ of the
  20. (a) to/very/deforestation/can/to be/prove/damaging/Mother Earth
    (b) should/individual/his/each/a/on/plant/tree/birthday
    (c) must/we/live/that/we/understand/trees/cannot/without
    (d) it/we/to/encourage/we/must/afforestation/the/want/keep/Earth/green
  21. (a) makes / he /a valuable contribution / nation building / to /activities
    (b) he / his / knows / and / rights / responsibilities
    (c) his country / of / he abides / the / by / laws
    (d) instrumental / nation / thus / development of / he is / in / the
  22. (a) injured/ there/ one is/ two/ in/ the/ are/ birds/ nest, but
    (b) Mr Shyam/ our/ has/ teacher/ a/ named/ Timmy/ cat
    (c) and Rahim/ like/ holidays/ Ram/ to/ cricket on/ play
    (d) park/ to take/ is/ a/ place/ morning walk/ Green/ good/ a
  23. (a) the market/ vegetables/ father went/ to/ for buying/ mother and
    (b) grandmother/ in/ the/ played/ their dog/ /her/ park with/ Sunita and
    (c) hill/ the/ down/ the/ all/ walked/children
    (d) Alsatian/ a/ in/ garden/ our/ dog hid/ the/ bone/ Tommy               
  24. (a) government/ demonetisation / money / control / will help / the / to / black
    (b) our entire body / covers / that / a stretchy waterproof surface / skin / is
    (c) the / your feet / soles/ the thickest skin / is / of / on
    (d) hard dead cells / the top layer / flake off / of skin / is / and / all the time / they                      (e) bike / new blue / fast/ Nitish / rode / his / very
  25. (a) electrical power / earthquakes / gas lines / damaging/can cause / by / or / fires
    (b) by / childhood / are / memories / everyone / cherished
    (e) childhood / generally/I/ as being / remember / my / happy
    (d) free / some of/ recall/ my /I/ can / times
    (e) frightening / remember / I/ can / moments / also / my


Answers :


  1. (a) I decided to join college at the age of thirty-five.
    (b) I was not worried about my ability to work.
    (c) I was a grown-up woman and not a confused teenager.
    (d) I realised very soon that the teenagers were better than me.
  2. (a) They still had all their classroom skills in bright condition.
    (b) They have gone to see a match.
    (c) The sick and the suffering found the love and affection of a real mother in Mother Teresa.                                                                                                                                                                                      (d) The great defect of our civilisation is that it does not know what to do with its knowledge.
  3. (a) The American Council suggests the following ways to exercise while you are watching TV.
    (b) Get up from the couch instead of using the remote to change the channel.
    (c) Walk up and down the stairs or around the room during commercial breaks.
  4. (d) You can use a treadmill while you watch TV.
    (a) Linda will go to London day after tomorrow.
    (b) There the air is rarefied, or The air there is rarefied.
    (c) It is not advisable to exert for the first 24 hours.
    (d) Breathlessness is common for a day or two.
  5. (a) Anger is an emotional state accompanied by biological changes.
    (b) It is a common congenital physical disability.
    (c) Shafique’s foot would have twisted inward.
    (d) Every moment the entire cosmos is changing.
  6. (a) Anger can be suppressed by focusing on something positive.
    (b) Shrifan was killed by the Maoists in the train.
    (c) Mother Teresa is one of the greatest missionaries of our time.
    (d) She cared for the feelings of those who were unwanted, uncared for and deserted by everybody.        
  7. (a) It is not easy, for example, to listen to any one person for long. or For example, it is not easy to listen to any one person for long.
    (b) In company, try to take only a fair share of the conversation.
    (c) When you have said a little, keep quiet and give your friend a chance to say something.
    (d) Use a resistance band while watching television.
  8. (a) Only those who work hard get glory and success in life.
    (b) Nothing great can be achieved without effort.
    (c) A student can never come out with flying colours unless he has worked hard throughout the year.
    (d) The service of mankind is the service of God.
  9. (a) There is not a single religion which does not preach the ideal of service to mankind.
    (b) The idea that God loves those who love their fellowmen is rightly brought out by the famous poet Leigh Hunt in his poem Abou Ben Adhem.
    (c) Science has given us powers fit for Gods, yet we use them like small children.
    (d) We don’t know how to manage our machines.
  10. (a) Fasting also removes poison from the body.
    (b) Take liquids every four hours during the fast.
    (c) Juice of lemons, grapes and oranges is recommended during the fast.
    (d) Today, the leisure hours of a child are spent in front of the TV.
  11. (a) The attitude of most parents is different nowadays.
    (b) They see work and play as two different things.
    (c) Watermelon is one of the best thirst-quenchers in summer.
    (d) It is cultivated in around 96 countries in the world.
  12. (a) When the dial tone is heard, the required number is dialed.
    (b) The receiver is picked up at the other end.
    (c) The conversation can go on for as long as one likes.
    (d) It was first grown in Africa about 5000 years ago.
  13. (a) Mother Kali heard Ram’s sincere prayers.
    (b) She appeared before him in all her glory.
    (c) He was filled with amazement when he saw her.
    (d) Slow and steady wins the race.
  14. (a) There is lack of employment opportunities in rural areas.
    (b) So people come to cities in search of work.
    (c) They live in appalling conditions in cities.
    (d) They lack proper sanitation, running water and other amenities.     
  15. (a) He said that in his childhood his birthday used to be celebrated differently.
    (b) Instead of cutting a cake they used to distribute sweets.
    (c) We blow out candles but they used to light a lamp.
    (d) Many people are killed daily in road accidents.
  16. (a) It did not matter when the communication between different parts of the world was slow.
    (b) In our times people felt the need for a common language.
    (c) The first solution was the creation of an artificial language unconnected with any existing language.
    (d) There is a great rush on the road in the morning time.
  17. (a) Children below the age of eighteen years must not drive.
    (b) We must wear helmets for our own protection.
    (c) Mobile phones must not be used while driving.
    (d) Traffic police is making efforts to increase safety on the roads.
  18. (a) It is an antidote to stress and pain.
    (b) It is a good exercise for toning up facial muscles.
    (c) Body functions are stabilised and blood circulation is improved.
    (d) Laughter makes one feel good and helps in making a lot of friends.
  19. (a) It is a sparsely populated town in Uttarakhand.
    (b) It has an average literacy rate of 77%.
    (c) Devprayag is the seat of Badrinath Dham pandas.
    (d) The town lies at the confiuence of the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers.
  20. (a) Deforestation can prove to be very damaging to Mother Earth.
    (b) Each individual should plant a tree on his birthday.
    (c) We must understand that we cannot live without trees.
    (d) If we want to keep the Earth green we must encourage afforestation.
  21. (a) He makes a valuable contribution to nation building activities.
    (b) He knows his rights and responsibilities.
    (c) He abides by the laws of his country.
    (d) Thus he is instrumental in development of the nation.
  22. (a) There are two birds in the nest, but one is injured.
    (b) Our teacher Mr Shyam has a cat named Timmy.
    (c) Ram and Rahim like to play cricket on holidays.
    (d) Green park is a good place to take a morning walk.
  23. (a) Mother and Father went to the market for buying vegetables.
    (b) Sunita and her grandmother played in the park with their dog.
    (c) All the children walked down the hill.
    (d) Tommy, our Alsatian dog, hid a bone in the garden.
  24. (a) Demonetisation will help the government to control black money.
    (b) Skin is a stretchy waterproof surface that covers our entire body.
    (c) The thickest skin is on the soles of your feet.
    (d) The top layer of skin is hard dead cells and they flake off all the time.
    (e) Nitish rode his new blue bike very fast.
  25. (a) Earthquakes can cause fires by damaging electrical power or gas lines.
    (b) Childhood memories are cherished by everyone.
    (c) I remember my childhood as being generally happy.
    (d) I can recall some of my free times.
    (e) I can also remember my frightening moments.


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