Omission ( Integrated grammar ) 30+ examples with answers


(Integrated Grammar)

There is a slash in every line in the passage given below. There is missing word at the place of slash. Write that missing word.

Que – 1
  1. Eskimos live / Polar areas.It is difficult
  2. to make/ accurate estimate but
  3. there /probably about 50,000 Eskimos. Eskimos
  4. are not usually taļl/ they have powerful
  5. legs and shoulders. They/ yellowish skin And straight,
  6. black hair.Eskimos have/ common language and can understand
  7. members/ another group,although they
  8. may come /many thousand miles away.
  9. /most important unit of Eskimo’s is the family.
Answer – 1
Before After Missing
( a ) live in polar
( b ) make an accurate
( c ) there are probably
( d ) tall but they
( e ) They have yellowish
( f ) have a common
( g ) members of another
( h ) come from many
( i ) The most
Que – 2
  1. The Cozy Warmth Want to know / interesting fact?
  2. Many seal pups are born in / coldest
  3. parts of / world. But they don’t freeze
  4. to death because they have / thick layer
  5. of fat under / furry coat. They feel
  6. warm and nice under / furry coat.
  7. The body of / grown seal is bulky
  8. but / legs are rather short.



Answer – 2
Before After Missing
( a ) know an interesting
( b ) in the coldest
( c ) of the world
( d ) have a thick
( e ) under a furry
( f ) under a furry
( g ) of the grown
( h ) but its legs
Que – 3
  1. / match stick girl saw her grandmother.
  2. Her wrinkled face had / glow. She smiled
  3. at / girl and opened her arms . Slowly and
  4. unsteadily / girl got up and started to walk.
  5. Her matches fell into / muddy water.
  6. Frightened, she began to pick up / sticks
  7. one at / time. All of sudden, she fell.
  8. / onlooker said, ‘poor girl!’.
Answer – 3
Before After Missing
( a ) A match
( b ) had the glow
( c ) at a girl
( d ) unsteadily a girl
( e ) into the muddy
( f ) up all sticks
( g ) at same time
( h ) An onlooker
  •  There is a word missing in every line in the passages given below. Write that missing word.
Que – 1
(a) Imagine there a bank that credits your
(b) account morning with a lot of money.
(c) It carries over no balance day to day.
(d) Every evening bank deletes whatever
(e) part the balance you failed to use during the day.
Answer – 1
Before Missing After
( a ) there is a
( b ) account


( c ) balance from day
( d ) evening the bank
( e ) part of the

Que – 2
(a) The teachings of Jainism focused on the
(b) purification of the soul not towards the
(c) realisation physical and material rewards.
(d) Nakodaji has a tutelage where Jain scholars trained
(e) for treating knowledge the highest pursuit.
Answer – 2
Before Missing After
( a ) jainism are focused
( b ) soul and not
( c ) realisation of physical
( d ) scholar are trained
( e ) knowledge as the
Que – 3
Most of us are familiar with fact
(a) that silk derived from the cocoons of
(b) mulberry silkworms. However, insects
(c) like spiders, beetles and fleas produce silk.
(d) Silk is mass produced by silkworms are reared to produce white silk.
Answer -3
Before Missing After
( a ) silk is derived
( b ) however, other insects
( c ) fleas also produce
( d ) silkworms that are
Que – 4
(a) The planets celestial bodies that manifest
(b) their powers human beings and other
(c) organic lives. Astrologers pandits worldwide are
(d) of opinion that planets have influence on
(e) various aspects our lives, such as love,
(f) personality, intelligence, career finance.
(g) The planets in solar system radiate a
(h) cosmic energy various degrees, which affects the minds and activities of humans.
Answer -4
Before Missing After
( a ) planets are celestial
( b ) powers over human
( c ) Astrologers and pandits
( d ) of the opinion
( e ) aspects of our
( f ) career and finance
( g ) in the solar
( h ) energy in various

Que – 5
(a) At the time I driving near Ohio, I suddenly
(b) felt need to stretch my legs. As I parked the
(c) car strolled down the pavement, feelings of
(d) self-pity enshrouded mind. I loved the lord
(e) and my ministry, I felt drained and burdened.
(f) My cup empty. Suddenly the impatient
(g) ringing of telephone nearby caught my
(h) attention. It was coming a phone booth at a service station on the corner.
Answer -5
Before Missing After
( a ) I was driving
( b ) felt the need
( c ) car and strolled
( d ) enshrouded my mind
( e ) ministry, but I
( f ) cup was empty
( g ) of a telephone
( h ) coming from a
Que – 6
(a) Vigilance is guard of all the faculties
(b) and powers the mind. It is the detective
(c) that prevents the entrance any
(d) violent destructive element. It is the
(e) close companion protector of all success,
(f) liberty and wisdom. The lack vigilance
(g) is shown in thoughtlessness a
(h) general looseness in the common details life.
Answer – 6
Before Missing After
( a ) is the guard
( b ) poers of the
( c ) entrance of any
( d ) violent and destructive
( e ) companion and protector
( f ) lack of viggilance
( g ) thoughtlessness an a
( h ) details of life
Que – 7
(a) We live only what we do. Earnest
(b) people are dissatisfied anything short
(c) of highest excellence in whatever they do,
(d) and they always reach that excellence. Whatever are
(e) whether a shopkeeper saintly teacher, you
(f) can safely give very best to the world without
(g) any doubt misgiving. If the indelible impress
(h) of your earnestness be on your goods the one case or on your words in the other, your business will flourish.
Answer – 7
Before Missing After
( a ) only in what
( b ) dissatisfied with anything
( c ) of the highest
( d ) whatever you are
( e ) shopkeeper or saintly
( f ) give the very
( g ) doubt or misgiving
( h ) goods in the

Que – 8
(a) A bicycle gets punctured when thorn
(b)or nail runs into its tube. puncture
(c) needs to repaired. First of all
(d) the tube taken out of the tyre and
(e) inflated. It is then dipped a trough
(f) containing water in order locate
(g) the puncture. Air escapes the
(h) place of the puncture, producing bubbles the water.
Answer – 8
Before Missing After
( a ) when a thorn
( b ) tube The puncture
( c ) to be repaired
( d ) tube is taken
( e ) dipped in a
( f ) order to locate
( g ) escapes from the
( h ) bubbles in the
Que – 9
The major crisis aced by the world is population.
(a) India’s population now reached
(b) a total 1380 millions. The
(c) census is not complete areas
(d) like Manipur and Nagaland. Bhutan not
(e) included a part of India. The increase
(f) in population in ten years the
(g) whole country 21.49 per cent. The state of Andhra Pradesh has an increase
(h) below country’s average.
Answer – 9
Before Missing After
( a ) population has now
( b ) total of 1380
( c ) complete in areas
( d ) Bhutan is not
( e ) included as a
( f ) years for the
( g ) country is 21.49
( h ) below the country’s
Que – 10
(a) The semester mode is not only change
(b) that Delhi University witness this year.
(c) Marking of scripts will also done in a different manner from the coming academic year.
(d) In bid to make
(e) marking scripts more efficient and fairer,
(f) the university set to introduce distributed
(g) marking for scripts. Under new system, four examiners check each answer script
(h) at centralised facility.
Answer – 10
Before Missing After
( a ) not the only
( b ) University will witness
( c ) also be done
( d ) In a bid
( e ) marking of scripts
( f ) university is set
( g ) Under the new
( h ) at a centralised

Que – 11
(a) The temple had to slightly remodeled by the British
(b) when began repairs. During Aurangzeb’s
(c) attack, his demolition men begun from
(d) the roof and worked way downwards.
Answer – 11
Before Missing After
( a ) to be slightly
( b ) when they began
( c ) men had begun
( d ) worked their way
Que – 12
(a) A man getting very impatient.
(b) Again and again he would peep the
(c) doctor’s room to see many patients
(d) were left. After a long time his turn came, he heaved a sigh of relief.
Answer -12
Before Missing After
( a ) man was getting
( b ) peep into the
( c ) see how many
( d ) time when his
Que – 13
(a) All living things to breathe
(b) to survive, each species has
(c) its peculiar way. Some
(d) breathe lungs while others through skin.
Answer -13
Before Missing After
( a ) things have to
( b ) survive but each
( c ) its own peculiar
( d ) breathe through lungs
Que – 14
When thinking of the first ever iPod
(a) more a decade ago, Jobs realised that
(b) what would increase the attraction such a device to
(c) the consumers was a way for to buy
(d) music in seamless way.
Answer -14
Before Missing After
( a ) more than a
( b ) attraction of such
( c ) for them to
( d ) in a seamless

Que – 15
(a) Kerala a state in South
(b) India. Kerala became first
(c) state be recognised as a completely literate state. Kerala’s
(d) net enrollment primary education is almost 100 per cent.
Answer – 15
Before Missing After
( a ) Kerala is a
( b ) became the first
( c ) state to be
( d ) enrollment in primary
Que – 16
(a) Gone the days when wedding
(b) gifts meant anything was readily available. Today
(c) people tend to spend effort to choose the right gift-a gift
(d) that only has aesthetic appeal but also has a high usability.
Answer – 16
Before Missing After
( a ) Gone are the
( b ) anything that was
( c ) spend more effort
( d ) that not only
Que – 17
(a) The Supreme Court made it
(b) compulsory cinema theaters
(c) to play national anthem with
(d) the image of the national flag prior screening.
Answer – 17
Before Missing After
( a ) court has made
( b ) compulsory for cinema
( c ) play the national
( d ) prior to screening

Que – 18

I went to my friend last week at 9 AM and returned After

(a) two hours. Actually, I wanted his scooter a day. But
(b) I was shocked he politely refused to oblige me. I did not
(c) speak even a single word on subject and hastened to be
(d) back. Whenever I think the matter, I feel ashamed of my
(e) inability own a scooter when all my friends own a car.
(f) Perhaps, I mistaken in assessing what true friendship is.
(g) It a lesson in my life and I was supposed
(h) not forget it if I wanted success.
Answer – 18
Before Missing After
( a ) scooter for a
( b ) shocked when he
( c ) on the subject
( d ) think over the
( e ) inability to on
( f ) I was mistaken
( g ) It was a
( h ) not to forget
Que – 19
There are various entry points
(a) to India. most foreigners land in Delhi, a
(b) good proportion of head for
(c) the main bazaar, is India’s
(d) craziest street. It situated close to the Delhi Railway Station.
(e) The main bazaar is packed foreigners
(f) from all the world. Frequent
(g) power-cuts affect area and the
(h) ugly sound growling generators is a common phenomenon.
Answer – 19
Before Missing After
( a ) India when most
( b ) of them head
( c ) bazaar which is
( d ) It is situated
( e ) packed with foreigners
( f ) all over the
( g ) affect the area
( h ) sound of growling

Que – 20
When in the evening Hari Ram’s son did not come, he
(a) and his wife very much sad and worried. The son
(b) arrived three days. When Hari Ram asked him where
(c) he was for three days, he replied that he had to Goa
(d) and not return due to the late running of the train.
(e) Hari Ram asked him to inform him he went out again.
(f) The son told him that he do so in future. He
(g) stuck his promise and never gave
(h) chance of complaint to anybody.
Answer – 20
Before Missing After
( a ) wife were very
( b ) arrived after three
( c ) had been to
( d ) and could not
( e ) him when he
( f ) he would do
( g ) stuck to his
( h ) gave any chance
Que – 21
I went to the hospital yesterday evening at about
(a) 6 PM see my uncle there. Last week he had sustained
(b) an injury in his leg in fall from the outer wall and
(c) to be hospitalised. I asked him how he was feeling and
(d) he told that he was okay except for some pain in leg.
(e) However, he looked cheerful and hoped that he come
(f) home some time. I felt much relieved After
(g) meeting him. I think that a visit to a hospital always
(h) fraught sadness as its ambience is like this.
Answer – 21
Before Missing After
( a ) PM to see
( b ) in a fall
( c ) ha to
( d ) in the leg
( e ) he would come
( f ) home after some
( g ) hospital is always
( h ) fraught with sadness
Que – 22
When I stood up and looked around I saw a beautiful scene.
(a) I confess that I have never beheld such a beautiful scene.
(b) The country appeared like a vast garden greenery all
(c) around. The enclosed fields about forty square feet wide.
(d) They resembled many beds of flowers. These fields
(e) intermingled with woods the tallest trees appeared to be
(f) seven feet high. The town situated on my left side and looked like a painted scene. I had a feeling of
(g) utter disbelief I had never seen such things Before,
(h) but these there and I couldn’t forget them.
Answer -22
Before Missing After
( a ) I must confess
( b ) garden with greenery
( c ) fields were about
( d ) fields were
( e ) woods and the
( f ) town was situated
( g ) disbelief as I
( h ) these were there

Que – 23
(a) A policeman responded promptly a burglary report at
(b) a house. The policeman sat down the sofa to take a
(c) statement the house owner, not realising that the burglar
(d) was hiding under it. The house owner looked down saw
(e) the burglar lying flat his stomach half under and behind
(f) the sofa. His head was right under policeman’s legs.
(g) The policeman jumped the sofa and caught the burglar
(h) with some stolen jewellery his hand.
Answer – 23
Before Missing After
( a ) promptly to a
( b ) down on the
( c ) statement from the
( d ) down and saw
( e ) flat on his
( f ) under the policeman’s
( g ) jumped off the
( h ) jewellery in his
Que – 24
(a) The major types environmental pollution are air pollution, water pollution,
(b) noise pollution, thermal pollution, soil pollution light pollution. During the last 10
(c) years, the world has witnessed a severe rise environmental pollution. Household
(d) and commercial waste pollutes the environment when disposed of properly.
Answer – 24
Before Missing After
( a ) types of environmental
( b ) pollution and light
( c ) rise in environmental
( d ) when not disposed

Que – 25
(a) Many hunters Africa say
(b) that leopard is the most dangerous
(c) of all the cats, dangerous than
(d) even the lion. One reason is the leopard
(e) doesn’t to be particularly afraid of
(f) men. A leopard to eat baboons but if a man |
(g) comes by the leopard is hungry, then the
(h) leopard is as likely to attack him he would a monkey.
Answer – 25
Before Missing After
( a ) hunters in africa
( b ) that the leopard
( c ) cats, more dangerous
( d ) is that the
( e ) doesn’t need to
( f ) leopard prefers to
( g ) by and the
( h ) him as he
Que -26
Experiments at the world’s biggest
(a) particle smasher confirmed the existence of two subatomic particles.
(b) The discoveries part of the baryon
(c) family of particles. Baryons composite particles composed of three quarks. The
(d) work carried out in 2011 and 2012. A
(e) paper reporting the finding been submitted.
(f) The facility going through an upgrade
(g) now. A related baryonic particle found by an experiment in 2012.

Answer – 26
Before Missing After
( a ) smasher have confirmed
( b ) discoveries are part
( c ) Baryons are composite
( d ) work was carried
( e ) finding has been
( f ) facility is going
( g ) particle was found
Que – 27

Let’s go shopping. I have to buy many things.
(a) I believe I get them all in this shop.
(b) You see, I buy a present for friend.
(c) What we look at first?
(d) Gloves. I think they be on this floor.
(e) I see just the kind we want.
(f) You try these on.

Answer – 27
Before Missing After
( a ) I can get
( b ) I have to buy
( c ) What shall we
( d ) they might be
( e ) I can see
( f ) You should try

Que – 28

(a) Winston Castle damaged in the fire
(b) last night. Although no one hurt,
(c) two people rescued from upstairs.
(d) It not that there was no damage.
(e) A number of priceless paintings destroyed.
(f) It not known how the fire started.
(g) Some wires which hanging loose
(h) might caused the fire.

Answer – 28
Before Missing After
( a ) castle was damaged
( b ) one was hurt
( c ) people were rescue
( d ) It was not
( e ) paintings were destroyed
( f ) It is not
( g ) which were hanging
( h ) might have caused
Que – 29

(a) One thing we all must do to cooperate
(b) with police and pay heed to their advice.
(c) They warn us not touch unidentified,
(d) unclaimed suspicious objects like transistors,
(e) briefcases etc. We need watch out for
(f) abandoned cars, scooters report the
(g) details such objects to the nearest police
(h) control room dialing 100. One should not touch the objects till the bomb disposal squad arrives.

Answer – 29
Before Missing After
( a ) do is to
( b ) with the police
( c ) not to touch
( d ) unclaimed and suspicious
( e ) need to watch
( f ) scooters and report
( g ) details of such
( h ) room by dialing
Que – 30

(a) Toto jumped of Dorothy’s arms and
(b) hid the bed, and the girl started to catch him. Aunty
(c) threw open the trap door the floor and
(d) climbed down the ladder the small, dark hole.
(e) Dorothy caught Toto last and started to follow
(f) her aunt. When she was halfway the room, there
(g) came a great shriek the wind, and the house shook
(h) so hard that she sat down suddenly the floor.

Answer – 30
Before Missing After
( a ) jumped out of
( b ) hid under the
( c ) door in the
( d ) ladder into the
( e ) Toto at last
( f ) halfway across the
( g ) shriek from the
( h ) suddenly upon the


Que – 31

Tiger Largest member of the cat family

  1. is symbol of power and speed.
  2. In fact,word tiger is derived from
  3. Greek word which means arrow
  4. and we all agree that arrow
  5. suggests power as well speed.
    Answer -31
    Before After Missing
    ( a ) Tiger the largest
    ( b ) is the symbol
    ( c ) fact the word
    ( d ) means an arrow
    ( e ) that the arrow
    ( f ) well as speed
Que – 32
  1. They were first women to man any mode of
  2. public transport in capital-Meenakshi, Vibha
  3. and Anjali. They were picked for job after many
  4. written tests, interviews and aptitude test,
  5. similar to ones fighter pilots undergo. These
  6. women topped merit list. “The Metro
  7. is right place for me,” says Meenakshi. “I have proved that
  8. there is hardly anything that woman cannot do.”
Answer – 32
Before After Missing
( a )  were the first
( b )  in the capital
( c )  for  a  job
( d )  an  an  aptitude
( e )  ones  how  fighter
( f )  topped  the  merit
( g )  is  the  right
( h )  that  the  woman
Que – 33
  1. What is difference between a discovery and an
  2. invention? The dictionary answers first question
  3. as action of finding something by accident or
  4. luck. But inventor aims and struggles to
  5. reach certain result through experiments and
  6. research. However, discoverer has only
  7. luck to assist him. To ordinary
  8. man two words, discovery and invention almost mean same thing.
Answer – 33
Before After Missing
( a )  is  the  difference
( b )  answers  the  first
( c )  as  an  action
( d )  but  an  invention
( e )  reach  the  certain
( f )  However  the discover
( g )  to  an  ordinary
( h )  invention  are  almost

Que – 34
  1. You may take oil bath as it is good for
  2. health. It gives your hair glow and skin a
  3. shine. But a mud bath for healthy skin is
  4. unheard of. This is exactly what hippo has
  5. to protect its skin from sun. Hippos like
  6. wallowing in mud. You know that mud
  7. bath is not good way to clean your body. But
  8. who has ever said that hippo is a clean animal anyway!
Answer – 34
Before After Missing
( a )  take  an  oil
( b )  hair  a  glow
( c )  for  the  healthy
( d ) what a hippo
( e )  from  the  sun
( f )  that  a  mud
( g )  not  a  good
( h )  that  the  hippo
Que – 35
  1. Karti had come to noisy river for water. A big
  2. copper jar in hand, she walked down to bank and
  3. jumped on to largest flat rock. She watched
  4. rushing torrent for while. The water hurled itself
  5. against rock and rose high above it in thousand
  6. shining drops. Further down, angry waters grew
  7. calm and gentle. There, still pools clearly
  8. mirrored large white clouds creeping across sky.
Answer – 35
Before After Missing
( a ) for the water
( b ) in her hand
( c ) to the largest
( d ) for a while
( e )  against  a rock
( f )  –  of shining
( g )
( h )  across  the  sky
Que – 36
  1. Just by turning off tap while
  2. you brush in morning and evening
  3. can save water. Wash your car with bucket
  4. and sponge, instead of the hose. Helps
  5. to save lot of water. Also one must take the shower as it uses much
  6. less water than filling up bath tub.
  7. If your toilet has a leakage ,water
  8. wasted. Also best time to water plants
  9. is early morning avoid evaporation .
Answer – 36
Before After Missing
( a ) off the tap
( b ) in the morning
( c ) with a bucket
( d ) and a sponge
( e ) save a lot
( f ) up the bath
( g ) water is
( h ) also the best
( i ) morning to avoid

Que – 37
  1. The ‘bhandaras’ held memorable
  2. occasions, the ‘langar’ practice gurudwaras,
  3. the huge ‘degchis’ dergahs, the ‘sanjha
  4. choolahs’ rural Punjab – our culture
  5. has been defined by sharing food.
  6. No celebration is complete it.
  7. A meal eaten together gives a sense equality.
  8. Sitting together bake and break bread
  9. brings a sense humility and gratitude.
Answer – 37
Before After Missing
( a ) held on memorable
( b ) practice in gurudwaras
( c ) degchis in dergahs
( d ) choolahs in rural
( e ) sharing the foods
( f ) complete without it
( g ) sense of equality
( h ) together to bake
( i ) sense of humility
Que – 38
  1. The Coppers Hill cheese Rolling an annual
  2. event near Gloucester. A nine Lb. round
  3. of Gloucester cheese is down the hill.
  4. The competitors down after it. The
  5. Wheel shaped cheese protected for
  6. the by a wooden casing round the side
  7. It is decorated ribbons at the start.
  8. The first person the finish line
  9. at the bottom of the hill the race.
Answer – 38
Before After Missing
( a ) rolling is an
( b ) event held near
( c ) is sent down
( d ) competitors roll down
( e ) cheese is protected
( f ) the rolling by
( g ) decorated with ribbons
( h ) person over the
( i ) hill w ins the
Que – 39
  1. India is four times than Europe
  2. in languages. Indian express in 850 languages
  3. while Europeans speak about 250 languages.
  4. England has not than five languages
  5. of its own at the, while Assam which
  6. is more or the size of England has 52
  7. languages. In India there are hundred
  8. luring languages. We have grammar of 400
  9. languages and 400 languages are spoken by nomads.
Answer – 39
Before After Missing
( a ) time richer than
( b ) express themselves in
( c ) speak only about
( d ) not more than
( e ) the most while
( f ) or less the
( g ) hundred of
( h ) have the grammar
( i ) and over 400
Que – 40
  1. Subhash chandra Bose belongs to galaxy
  2. of heroes of national movement of
  3. India memory is highly cherished
  4. by countrymen and whose name
  5. evokes responsive chord very deep
  6. in hearts. Subhash Bose holds
  7. a distinguished place in galaxy.
  8. He was of the congress leaders
  9. and on a revolutionary leader of India.

Answer – 40
Before After Missing
( a ) to that galaxy
( b ) of the national
( c ) India whose memory
( d ) by all countrymen
( e ) evokes a responsive
( f ) in their hearts
( g ) in that galaxy
( h ) was one of
( i ) and later on
Que – 41
  1. Rigzin very happy. The cataract,
  2. that been troubling him for years,
  3. and which left him partially
  4. blind now been successfully removed.
  5. His eyesight been restored. Like him hundreds
  6. who flocked the Sonam Norbu Hospital
  7. in leh Benefitted. They were treated by
  8. Veteran eye surgeon Dr Sanduk Ruit who worked
  9. tirelessly in the eye camp. He says they plan
  10. to organise regular eye donation camps.
Answer – 41
Before After Missing
( a ) Rigzin is very
( b ) that has been
( c ) which has left
( d ) now has been
( e ) eyesight has been
( f ) who has flocked
( g ) leh are benefitted
( h ) who has worked
( i ) says that they
( j ) organise the regular
Que – 42
  1. Emperor Ashoka began his reign with
  2. series of wars culminating in Kalinga War
  3. of 260 BC. Mammoth loss of life and
  4. suffering witnessed on battlefield made
  5. him turn away from war. Asoka adopted
  6. Buddhism and saw in it teachings of the
  7. dharma as righteous path. He believed that
  8. dharma would bring harmony to world.
    Answer – 42
Before After Missing
( a ) with a
( b ) wars with culminating
( c ) BC The mammoth
( d ) on the battlefield
( e ) him to turn
( f ) it with teachings
( g ) that the
( h ) to the world
Que – 43
  1. I became owner of tiny little piece of land.
  2. I was landlord now. The small plot had
  3. old house with coconut palms. I was happy
  4. that trees were laden with coconuts. Then I
  5. saw them, trespassers. The entire flock
  6. perched on boughs and the branches chirping
  7. throughout day. Looking at them and talking
  8. to them became way of life for me.
Answer – 43
Before After Missing
( a ) became an owner
( b ) was a landlord
( c ) an old
( d ) that the trees
( e )
( f ) on the boughs
( g ) througout a day
( h ) became a way

Que – 44
  1. setting sun was playing holi in the west.
  2. sky was streaked with brilliant colours. On
  3. the fringe of village, beneath neem tree they
  4. sat, the lion and mouse. The mouse had
  5. come to warn his friend. There was news item
  6. in local newspaper. It said that a
  7. hunter was spotted in jungle. Going by the
  8. experience, it was indeed matter of concern for the lion.
Answer -44
Before After Missing
( a ) The setting
( b ) the sun
( c ) beneath a neem
( d ) an the mouse
( e ) was the news
( f ) in a local
( g ) in a jungle
( h ) indeed a matter
Que – 45
  1. Not a mood to
  2. waste time the University reopens,
  3. the Dyal Ram College, affiliated to Delhi
  4. University is organizing orientation
  5. programme the Freshers on Monday.
  6. The session is organized
  7. two days before new
  8. session kicks. The college
  9. wants organize the orientation session
  10. because they want to start off
  11. regular classes from very first day.
Answer – 45
Before After Missing
( a ) not in a
( b ) time while the
( c )
( d ) organizing an orientation
( e ) programme for the
( f ) organized for
( g ) before a new
( h ) kicks off the
( i ) wants to organize
( j ) – –
( k ) from the very

Que – 46
  1. A petition against Delhi Metro Rail
  2. and state government, seeking provision
  3. of drinking water toilet facilities for
  4. commuters Metro trains, is likely to be
  5. taken up Delhi HC for hearing next week.
  6. filed an NGO Voice of India. The writ
  7. petition states it approached HC after
  8. exhausting all other avenues repeated
  9. requests to both DMRC the government.
Answer – 46
Before After Missing
( a ) against the Delhi
( b ) and the state
( c ) water and toilet
( d ) common in metro
( e ) up by Delhi
( f ) field by an
( g ) states that it
( h ) avenues of repeated
( i ) DMRC and the
Que – 47
  1. The health a person is often indicated
  2. by colour of their hands. Dead white
  3. hands often indicate lack circulation.
  4. Pink hands usually a sign of good health
  5. in palmistry. Red hands indicate high
  6. blood pressure. Blue-ish hands a
  7. sluggish condition the circulation of the
  8. blood supply. The normal of the palm
  9. should rosy and pinkish.
Answer – 47
Before After Missing
( a ) health of a
( b ) by the colour
( c ) of blood circulation
( d ) hands are usually
( e ) indicate a high
( f ) hands indicate a
( g ) condition of the
( h ) normal colour of
( i ) should be rosy
Que – 48
  1. He underwent chemotherapy surgery to
  2. remove the tumours his brain. He finished his
  3. cancer treatments in 1998 and went on win
  4. the Tour de France unprecedented seven times
  5. 1999 to 2006. Grammy-winning rapper Kanye
  6. West was lucky enough walk away from a
  7. severe car crash the early morning hours of
  8. Oct. 22, 2002. The crash occurred about 3 a.m.
  9. West was said to be driving home a recording session.
Answer – 48
 Before Missing After
( a ) chemotherapy and surgery
( b ) tumour from his
( c ) on to in
( d ) France that unprecedented
( e ) from 1999
( f ) enough to walk
( g ) crash in the
( h ) crash was occurred
( i ) home after a

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