Best places to visit in Kerala and Tamilnadu with photos

Best places

Kerala and Tamilnadu


*All Photos are taken by own

 Athirapally (bhahubali movie) waterfall

(Front view)

– It is very big and long waterfall.It’s entery is at upside of it and we can go to bottom but that path is little difficult and takes 10-15 min.Beware of monkeys.

 Athirapally (bhahubali movie) waterfall

(Top view)

 Vazhachal waterfall


 Chapra waterfall

-You can watch it in running car because car stop is not allowed there.

 Hydel Park

-It is full of different flowers with different patterns and figures like peacock,petals of flower etc. It is decorated with lights and sunset view is also amazing so visit it at sunset time.

 Hydel Park

– sunset view of this park.

 Chiapara waterfall

-It is quite long waterfall with some steps.

 Valara waterfall

-can view it from far so not good for selfies but view is quite good.

 Mattupetty Dam

-It is very large and surrounded by beautiful trees. Must do speed boating.

 Tea garden

-It is full of tea plants. Can enjoy the view and take photos. It is similar as other tea gardens like Dajiling, Assam etc.

 Upperlake view

-Lake is viewed from top.

 Pine forest

-It is forest of pine trees.

 Grapes Garden

-Buying of grapes there is not suggested.

 Periyar National Park

-Early morning Boating in lake of national park is suggested. But there is less than 5% chances of tigers and elephants.There is very cold weather in morning.

 Spices farm

-They show many plants and trees with their description, advantages and uses with method.

 Poovar island

-Very unique and beautiful view .Must do boating.

 Temple at Vivekanand rock memorial

-In an AV room, video of history of this place and swami Vivekanand is played.The three ocean-the Indian ocean, the bay of Bengal and the Arabian sea meet here, It is the southern most place of India.You can go here by boat only.

 Thiruvalluvar Statue at kanyakmari

(photo is taken from vivekanand rock memorial)

-It is situated near vivekanand rock memorial in ocean. If there is low tide in ocean then boat cannot go there.

 Kovalam beach

-This photo is taken from light house situated near it.It is the best beach of kerala. Visit it at sunset time.

 Vizhinjam Light House

-Must go at the top of light house. You can enjoy the beautiful ocean and its beach view from here.


 Houseboat, Vembanad lake Alappuzha

-It is the most peaceful place ever. For economical point of view, conveniency and to save time do shikara for 4-5 hrs.For night stay there ,do houseboating.But after sunset, houseboat is stable at the bank.In shikara, you may face heat of sun according to weather.

 Marari beach

-Very neat and clean beach.

Pillar rocks

-Go when there is little or no fog for clear view.


 view point on Kodaikanal-Thekkady road

-You can view it from road near Thekkady.

 Kaath-nadan culture centre (kathakali)

-If you are dance lover than must go for this show.May be you can’t understand story but their expressions and dance are amazing.They also show the make over and dressing of kathakali from beginning. You can also go for martial art’s show .Please check show timing.

 Kaath-nadan culture centre (Elephant ride)

-It is costly but must do it. Some local people may offer cheaper ride but that may not be official so go with legal center.You can also enjoy bathing under elephant shower.

 Paridumbara view point

-It is not well-known place but must visit it.

 Eagle view

-Can go at the head of eagle but be careful. It is at paridumbara view point.

 Pattamala Church

-It is beautiful. Surrounding area is also beautiful for photography.

 Pattamala Church

-Inside view of churh.


 KDHP Tea museum

-Not suggested at all. History of planting of tea plants are shown.Machines are used to only show demo for visitors. You can only see different stages of making tea and different quality of tea.

 Attukad waterfall

-Not necessary to visit. It is the view from our resort.

Eravikulam Nationl Park

– Small hill is covered with neelakurinji flowers which are grown after every 12 years. Animals like are rarely seen there. Mountains view is beautiful.You have to walk 3-4 km.

 Bryant Park

-There is only greenery and trees. Flowers are very rare.

 Coaker’s walk

-View of cities,mountain and valleys.

 Kodai lake

-Enjoy the boating(pedal boating is also available) in lake and cycling(two seater cycle) around lake.

Silver cascade waterfall

Places which we can’t visit or take photos are –

  • Suicide point – Kodaiknal
  • Echo point (basket boating is also there) – Munnar
  • Kundala dam – Munnar
  • Top station view point -Munnar
  • Moir point (but its view is same as at coakers walk) – Kodaikanal
  • Guna cave – Kodaikanal
  • Padmanabh swami temple (sari/dhoti is compulsory for women/girl and dhoti for men. ) – Trivandrum
  • Lulu mall (one of the India’s biggest mall) – Cochin
  • Chinese fishing nets – Cochin
  • Thiruvalluvar statue – Kanyakumari

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