Real vs Fake – Shampoo & Conditioner

Real Product vs Fake Product

What are qualities of Real Product ? What are differences between real product and fake product?
  • It has very pleasant smell.
  • It smell like shampoo/conditioner.
  • There must be address of manufacturer.
  • After use, there is no more hair fall.In fake it is more.
  • There will be no itching on scalp.
  • While using ,enough foam will be produced like other shampoos.In fake it is very very less.
How can you identify whether it is real or fake product? What are the points to be considered while buying professional shampoos and conditioner?
  • Buy from professional and company’s salon only.
  • Don’t buy from shopping mall,cosmetic shop even from medical also.
  • Never buy it online. Never..never…never…
  • You can not identify whether it is real or fake by its thickness, color and appearance.
  • You can identify whether it is real or fake by smell.
  • There is no difference in shape,size and color of bottles. Means they look identical.
  • Barcode can be easily copied so never identify by it.
  • There can be large discount on fake product but can never get discount on real one.
  • Text on bottle may not be neat and clean on fake product.
  • Price must be printed on same cover/wrapper of bottle with other details like address,caution etc. .Price tag on fake product may be sticked after.









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