Perspective drawing of Buildings

Perspective drawing


What is the perspective drawing?

  • Perspective Drawing is a technique used in art and design to represent three-dimensional images on a two-dimensional picture plane.
  • Perspective is an element used in all types of art to represent the way objects appear smaller as they move farther away from the viewer.
  • There are typically three types of perspective drawing: one-point perspective, two-point perspective, and three-point perspective. Here, we are going to draw one-point perspective.
  • In one-point perspective, all elements that are parallel to the picture plane are drawn as parallel lines. All elements that are perpendicular to the picture plane converge(meet) at a single point.

Materials required :

  • Scale (Large – 30 cm)
  • Pencil (light)
  • Eraser
  • Black pen (gel pen)
  • A3 size drawing paper
  • Roller scale (optional)



Steps :

  • Draw rectangle of size 32.5 cm * 24.5 cm. Make one point O(perspective point) at 10.5 cm from top and 12.5 cm from right side. (Here, all the lines are drawn with sketch pens only to be visible clearly. Draw lightly with pencil only.  )


  • Make points of base of buildings on border line. Here, distance between all points are given.


  • Draw lines passing through these all points and point O. Draw top lines of buildings.Erase extra lines.


  • Outline all buildings with pen. Fill pattern inside the building.

Tips :

  • Use rough side of drawing paper.
  • Draw very lightly with pencil.
  • While using gel pen be careful as it spreads easily. Let’s dry it for 4-5 second.

  • Use gel pen because it is pure black in color and coloring is easy.

  • Use roller scale to draw parallel lines.
  • Draw pattern of buildings much closer.

  • How to make point O easily :
    Mark one point 12.5 cm from right corner on top line and other point 10.5 cm from right corner on left line. Draw the lines from these two points and their intersection is point O.
  • How to draw rectangle exactly in middle of page :
    Calculate the width of page. suppose it is 27 cm.
    Now (Width of page – width of drawing ) / 2
    = (27-24.5)/2
    = 2.5 / 2
    = 1.25 cm
    Leave 1.25 cm from each side and draw.  Do same for calculation of height.
  • All vertical lines of building must be pass through point O.

  • All horizontal lines of building must be parallel with top lines of buildings.not with base of buildings.

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