Lips – Mandala Art

Mandala Art


Materials required :

  • Pencil (light)
  • Eraser
  • Black pen (gel pen)
  • Drawing paper
  • Rough paper
  • Cotton
  • Scissors


Steps :

1)Draw right part of lips on rough paper,fold it from middle ,cut it along its border. Then unfold it and copy on drawing paper.

2)Complete lips and draw teeth.

3)Outline with black gel pen.




4)Draw pattern inside.




5)Shade the lower part with pencil. Rub it with cotton.

That’s it!!

Tips :

1)Initially, draw very lightly with pencil.So, it is not visible after erasing.

2)Shape of the lips is the most important part of this drawing.





3)While using gel pen be careful as it spreads easily. Let it dry for 4-5 second.









4)We can smoothly fill pattern with  gel pen rather than ball pen. Gel pen is pure black in color while ball pen is not.





5)Draw pattern of lips as close as possible. It will look more beautiful.





6)Draw teeth neither too big nor too small.

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