Basic of Beading


  • We can use single thread or double thread.If double thread can easily pass through beads then it is preferable.Otherwise use single thread.
  • Use needle in which thread and every beads can easily pass through.
  • Use cylinder seed beads rather than round seed beads to make even and precision look. Cylinder seed beads are extremely uniform in shape and size.
  • Many sizes and colours are available in seed beads.
  • Don’t make too tight or too lose otherwise it will bend.

  • To make hangings use cotton thread as nylon thread are not straight.








  • Select colour of cotton thread same as last bead of hanging.
  • To thread a needle easily, apply glue at end of thread,remove the extra glue with gentle press and let it dry. Now you can thread a needle easily as it becomes thin and hard.
  • When thread is finish, knot it and fix knot with glue.
  • Maximum length of thread should be less than or equal to your hand’s length.
  • Use vessel with appropriate shape and depth so that bead can be easily taken during beading.

  • Size of seed bead doesn’t change in same ratio by length and height.So if you change size of beads then patch size may be long or wide.

Types of stitch :

How to loom :

  • For making traditional loom and beading loom refer the following link : (Please watch 00:00 min to 3:16 min only)
  • Make other columns by same method.
  • For finishing the loom work refer the following link : (Please watch 0:55 min to 11:52  min only)


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