Lord Ganesha using oil can

Lord Ganesha

Best out of waste 

(Oil plastic can)

Materials Required :

  • Oil plastic can
  • Pencil
  • Permanent markers
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Cloth for turban (safa)
  • Brooch (optional)

Steps :

  • Take an oil can. Remove all the stickers from can. Draw eyes,eyebrow, tilak with pencil and then with markers.




  • Cut the 3 edges of this shape (given in an already). Now give proper shape of an ear to upper edge. Outline 3 edges of ears with markers.


  • Draw tilak. Then stick safa of Ganesha and attach a brooch. That’s it.




Tips :

  • Soak can in the water for 1 hr to remove sticker easily.
  • Be careful while cutting , as plastic of can is soft.
  • Use permanent marker or colours which can use for plastic. Don’t use water colors, sketch pen color etc.
  • There are many types of oil can available. So select an oil can which has a shape like Ganesha.
  • Use silk or shiny cloths for safa.
  • Use fevibond or fabric glue to stick cloth with plastic.

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